Altijd een droom gehad om Spaans te leren?

Voor een vakantie, studie of werk?

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Gevorderde technologieën combineren met innovatieve lesmaterialen om studieresultaten te verbeteren.


Bepaal zelf waar en wanneer je les wilt volgen. Bespaar reistijd en studeer vanuit je eigen comfort zone


Gecertificeerde docenten zetten zich volledig in om jou te helpen bij het behalen van je studiedoelen.

Hoe werkt het
Sommige mensen zitten elke dag uren in de auto, bus of trein om ergens voor een paar uurtjes les te volgen. Bij ons werkt het veel innvoatiever.



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Waarom Spaans leren
Misschien om een biertje te bestellen bij Plaza España in Barcelona of om met de Inca’s te praten op de Machu Picchu. Genoeg redenen om Spaans te leren en het is erg persoonlijk.

Wat dacht jij van een aantal feiten?

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  • I am very pleased with my lessons and tutor. The lessons and the time frame are working out well for me since I have limited free time in my daily schedule. Silvia is an excellant teacher. I will continue to take my 3 classes a week for the forseeable future.
    I really enjoy my classes!

    — James Tuohy —
  • Things have been great, thanks! Evelyn is very punctual and she is a great teacher. I just wish I had more time to study 😉

    — David Mead —
  • Yvonne is a very good teacher and she is always trying to make my experience better. I’m definitely learning a lot and I’m not learning more because I unfortunately have no time to study in between classes. In summary, my teacher is doing an amazing job!!

    — Paulo —
  • Yeny is just excellent. She is knowledgeable, motivating and reliable. Her method of teaching is very effective.

    — Sibylle —
  • I am enjoying very much working with my teacher. She shows me the areas I still need to work on. She gives me a lot of interesting resources too, so I’ve had a huge amount of progress and I’m very pleased about that!

    — Amy —
  • I was a student of Evelyn of Guatemala for two years and looked forward to each and every session. I recently retired and moved into an RV where internet service is ofttimes poor therefore I have not continued our sessions. I think Evelyn is the best.

    — Don Wheeler —
  • I am very happy with how Alejandra is teaching my class; I think she is a very good teacher. She is very professional, obviously knows her materials and teaches in a way that helps me to understand.

    — Michele —
  • My tutor is doing an amazing job! I’m really enjoying the classes and I believe they are being very helpful. Thank you for providing this very nice and practical online course!

    — Stella —
  • The tutories are exactly what I hoped for, and I will be telling all my classmates about this kind of teaching. Many want help with it.

    — Sam —
  • I have enjoyed the classes so far and am definitely going to continue. I think Ivanna is an excellent teacher and understands that each student has different needs and goals. she has been great.

    — Ryan —
  • I like my teacher and my classes too!

    — Mattew —
  • Gil finished his classes this semester with the grade A , and his teacher provided great support in the process! We now signed up for part two of Third Year at BYU, and would like to schedule lessons on Saturdays.

    — Gil’s Father —
  • >My classes are AWESOME!! I’m so delighted and I LOVE my teacher!

    — Kate —
  • I am very satisfied with my classes, and I am very happy with my teacher. She is the best

    — Jim —
  • I have only good things to say about my teacher. She is doing a fantastic job and I could not be more pleased.

    — Justin —
  • Evelyn is a wonderful teacher and I am enjoying our lessons very much!

    — Becky —
  • The lessons are very good. I’m learning more and more!

    — Ben Stewart —
  • My classes have been great! My teacher is great to deal with!

    — George —
  • Patricia is very good instructor and I like the lessons very much

    — Sally —
  • I love my classes with my tutor and want to continue.

    — Claudia —
  • Thanks for your patience with me. I’m enjoying the lessons and do feel that I am learning a lot.

    — Maureen —
  • I think my teacher is doing well. She is patient and focused. I enjoy working with her.

    — Colin —
  • I find my teacher very easy to work with. I have been enjoying our classes and she is helping me a lot.

    — Caitlin —
  • I really enjoy working with my teacher, she’s a perfect instructor for me.

    — Doug —
  • It worked out very well with my teacher. I definitely want to work with her together for the future. I also try to schedule the lessons twice a week.

    — Jonathan —

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We willen graag iets van je horen waarom laat je ons niet een bericht achter en we beloven je zo snel mogelijk te reageren.

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